A premium miniature painting service. We build and paint for various individual or company projects, so start your commission with us. We also offer lessons if you want to learn?

Geeks Wargaming

We are proud to call ourselves the official painting studio of choice for Geeks Wargaming Youtube channel.

They produce an array of miniature war gaming videos and some of the best battle reports on Youtube. Make sure you subscribe to them!

A Youtube Channel dedicated to bringing the very best in table top gaming. With a Strong focus on Warhammer 40K and Warhammer 30k, but including other systems.

Painting Services

ultramarine primaris marine - basic

Basic Standard

It might be called basic, but this standard offers a very good table top paint job that will look great on the table top. Used by tournament players, game enthusiasts and people wanting a good paint job at a budget. Learn More >>

Advanced Standard

The ADVANCED standard offers a high-end table top standard paint job that will look fantastic on the tabletop, from a couple of feet away or when viewed up close. Learn More >>

Detailed Standard

This is where we ramp up the standard even further and add on your personal preferences to further enhance the model. The model will look awesome from any distance and be bespoke with personal choices. Learn More >>

Contact Us

Looking for someone to paint your models? then contact us.. We are flexible in our work, styles and methods. From assembly, to display standard and weathering techniques.

We have pricing for all standards you might need and we can even work to a bespoke price, depending on the model. Give us a shout.