Calas Typhon – Golden Demon Single Miniature

On Saturday 3rd February 2018 I entered Calas Typhon into the Horus Heresy and Necromunda weekender Golden Demon competition.

This model was painted over an extended time period, i bought the model in 2013 and applied a base coat, wash and basic highlights. This is how it stayed for a number of years until January when I decided to enter the model in the competition.

To bring the model up to a higher standard I decided to first improve the base, i used one of games workshops 50mm scenic bases, i made some extra pipes from green stuff to add additional interest. One difficulty with painting over long periods is actually remembering the exact colours used. After a little trial and error with colours i managed to match up the new section of the base to the older section.

Typhon was already weathered to a certain degree, however i decided to ramp up the stains and grime on the armour using thinned out chestnut and black inks plus some Vallejo grime wash.

For the bare metal areas i used more brown/black washes to create dirt and grime the stippled and dotted on lighter metal colour to create the weathered feel and of course a light rust here and there.

I painted a wood grain effect on the staff of the man reaper, this was then stained with black and chestnut inks to further enhance the effect.

This was my first effort in the Golden Demon awards and I’m supremely proud to have picked up a bronze for it. I can’t wait to enter again!!

Thanks for looking


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