Drukhari Raider Commission

Had a lot of fun painting this up, this is for a commission project we did for geeks war gaming, you can find their channel here.

The army was painted in the colours of the Kabul of the Poisoned Tongue, I think the green provides a subtle yet eye catching contrast to the deep blue.

Check out the characters for this pro painted commission here.

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4 thoughts on “Drukhari Raider Commission

  1. This looks realy nice man. Is it mostly airbrushed? I was talking to Warbringer (co-blogger) about getting an airbrush like the one he is using. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by them, I think mostly the maintenance of them and the prep… just seemed very faffy. But then I see stuff like this and think… wow… it does look really great, and would certainly save me time on some of my bigger models. very cool work man. How did did you do the white bits? I find white so difficult to paint well and I’ve been asking around a lot recently.

    1. Hey man, thanks a lot. Yep mostly airbrushed. You cant beat an airbrush for vehicles and large numbers of infantry. Personally I would thoroughly recommend purchasing one, they’re invaluable and you can produce some amazing results for very little effort. I wouldn’t dive right in and buy a high end one, you can buy in for less than £100, the airbrush isn’t going to allow you to do detail work but it’ll be good enough to get a feel for airbrushing, there’s a ton to learn, its not as easy as whacking paint in and off you go. But its as rewarding as brush work.

      The white was built up using an off white and some black to darken it then airbrushed up until just the off white is used. I then did a quick shade with sepia wash around some of the details just to redefine them.

      If you like I’d be happy to do some sort of tutorial on twitch and go through what I do, drop me a line and let me know and I’ll see about arranging it.

      1. Oh man that would be awesome. When do you stream agai , is it Monday, Wednesday, Friday?

      2. Monday’s Thursday and Fridays typically. But it’ll be a bit up in the air this week due to other arrangements. I’ll look at what I have to paint and see what would be good in white. Should be able to get something arranged for next weeks stream. 👍🏻

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