Blood Angels Intercessors

Painted these to a high table top standard. These are part of my (Ade) Blood Angels army and are the 2nd Company 1st squad Intercessors.

I have started to bring the whole army into line with the codex which is proving great fun. Check back soon for further additions and updates.

4 thoughts on “Blood Angels Intercessors

  1. These look great man, planning on playing any games with them soon?

    Hey how many colours do you use on your space marine eye lenses?

    …and is that your scenery? It also looks cool.

    1. Thanks mate, yeah managed to get a game in recently with them when I went to Warhammer world. We lost but they looked pretty nice on the tabletop, which is kinda al that bothers me lol.
      The aim at the moment is to bring al the squads up to a decent standard as they’re al at varying standards right now.

      Lenses, as small as these I just use a base then a darker tone at the bottom and the dot of white at the top.

      Yeah they’re part of the secret weapon miniatures battle scales series, that’s the junk yard setting. They’re a good boards to be honest, nice and sturdy and the detail is great.

      How are those warp portals coming on?

      1. Cool I’ll check that Terrain out. The portals have been untouched for about 2 weeks, very much on hold while I painted up my Norris Possessed and an AT-ST for Azazel’s Bitz Box (no relation)’s Jewel of July Challenge. Not to mention by brother has been up for almost a week and a half.

        You should join in on the August challenge man…

        Your stuff looks great, and people would come and find out about your other things. I’m going to start getting back on with the portals from tonight by my August is crazy busy so I’m not sure what is going to happen to my hobby time between bathroom renevations, camping trips, visits from Swiss friends…

      2. That’s looks pretty cool, I’ll check it out in more detail later, just on mobile at the moment.

        Real life is a pain the *$$ isn’t it lol. Summer months always take a hit on the hobby especially if you’ve got family doesn’t it.

        Possessed Norris looks awesome btw, spotted it on your log on B&C the other day. Just love that model 👍🏻

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