Happy Lord Felthius

I painted this guy on stream over the course of the last few weeks. I really went to town technique wise here, adding lots of subtle water marks to the armour and even a flesh cloak complete with veins.

The model itself is one of my favourite in the new Death Guard range, the guy looks so disgustingly pleased with himself and his role in (un)life that it’s impossible not to take a shine to him.

I’ll be painting his cohort of Blight Lord terminators very soon to complete this awesome unit.

The model is done to a display standard.

2 thoughts on “Happy Lord Felthius

  1. I really like this model too, despite the amount of people that seem to have an issue with his head. People seem to forget quite how many of the Nurgle models have a huge smile on their faces. The paint job is obviously awesome, really like this guy. the one thing i would say is your pain job is so good, your base is really doing it an injustice!

    I think it may be worth you getting some 3rd party feature bases for these guys to go on. Wayland Games do some good ones i think, some lava ones you could easily make look like rivulets of putrid rot. anyway, just a thought! looking forward to the termies.

  2. Thanks for the feedback mate. Totally agree on the base. I’ll be revisiting it at some point in the near future anyway….I always do lol.

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