Blackstone Fortress Commission – Part 1

Like many folks we were excited to see the release of Warhammer Quest:Blackstone Fortress. We were even more excited to receive a commission request to paint this awesome set!

Many of the pieces will be painted to an advanced standard and a number to our detail standard which makes this commission even more exciting as we really get to flex our creative muscles.

As there are 44 miniatures in this box we’ll be posting model updates as we complete them, then at the end we’ll post some nice pictures of the pieces on the gaming board before sending them all to their new owner.

So, to kickstart this we have the Imperial Navigator and Kroot tracker. Both painted to an advanced standard.

These were really exciting models to paint and set the standard moving forward for the rest of the set. Check back regularly for further updates on this exciting project.

2 thoughts on “Blackstone Fortress Commission – Part 1

  1. Wow, this is inspiring stuff, I’m not usually a fan of blue as a base but the navigator is so striking! I like your scheme a lot more than the box scheme

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind words. Have you picked the game up yourself? Keep checking back as we’ll be adding more pics of completed minis from the game.

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