Blood Bowl: The Dwarf Giants

We were commissioned to paint the dwarf giants for a second time, You can see the first pieces here this time including the fearsome death roller and all of the dwarf special character players.

These models were to be painted to an advanced standard and boy did we enjoy pushing the boat out a little with this paint job.

The death roller in particular was an amazing model to paint, the remit was to make it look a little weathered which is our forte!!

We didn’t go over the top in terms of making this piece look worn, rather we introduced some techniques to it that created a sun bleached patina to the main chassis, the metal was washed in Agrax earthshade (well would you expect anything else?) to tarnish the look and make it feel old and finally some moderate rust was was applied around the model in select places.

The character group from forgeworld was pretty immense, having painted Grim Ironjaw before we already new what a great model this was so it was great to work on that again.

Josef Bugman in his two roles were great fun and it was awesome to add in some tactics pages on his manager model.

From Brindal (aka the white dwarf) is a typically stout dwarf and packed with character and his buddy/nemesis? The black gobba was a great pallet change during the commission.

And finally we have a couple of snaps of the Giants themselves, the turquoise is a fantastic colour and really sets this whole commission apart.

All in all this was a fantastic commission to work on and we feel the end results show this. The build quality is superb and the paint job just different enough to make the whole team look unique but instantly recognisable!!

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