About Us

Hi, we are Frag and Plasma. A two man painting commission team.

We reside in the UK and have been painting and building miniatures for a long time. As with most enthusiasts we started by playing the games, because that’s where we learnt and honed our skills. This still exists with us and our personal interests are the Horus Heresy 30k and Warhammer 40k.

Our main passion and talent though is painting and building (we’re not great at the playing the game!). So moving on to working with other peoples models seemed like a natural progression and this also enabled us to work on all types of game systems and box sets like Malifaux, Batman and Busts.

Forgeworld character series Horus the Warmaster pro painted

So we setup a 2 man team, as it seemed beneficial to us and you. This way, you are dealing with someone that wants your model to look great and treats it like their own. We don’t send your models off to third party painters like other studios and we make sure that your model is the number 1 priority, not the commission price.

We want you to show off your models. It benefits you and us! So getting it right and doing it well is paramount to us. We work by word of mouth and if that isn’t good, what is the point of the service? This is why we set expectations on costs, time and requirements from the start.

So now you know about us, we’d like to hear about you and the models you need painting and building.