Building & Cleaning a Miniature Model

The build and clean service is the first crucial part to any good project. It gives the first base to a model and helps the painter produce better works of art.

For example, Magnus from Games Workshop is a lovely model. However, the build work itself consists of a lot of filling in, smoothing down and detailed cleaning of the model in order for it to look great.

What is Included?

  • Sprue Removal
  • Removal of flash and mould lines
  • Packing of gaps and holes (have you seen some games workshop builds?)
  • Cleaning the product before painting begins (important for Resin for example)
  • File down and smoothing of areas (use special sanding tools to produce smooth areas)

IF you send pre-built models, make sure they are cleaned and mould lines removed. If mould lines exist or cleaning needs to happen there will be a separate charge or not painted (it will be discussed with you). We want your models to look nice, not have craters or big lines down them!