Frequently asked questions, about our miniature painting service

Is it just the UK you do commissions in?

No! We’ve done them in the U.S.A, Canada, etc… With world post today it’s easier, you just have to expect slightly higher delivery costs and potential import duties (depending on your country), so double check out those aspects, as those are your costs And we are reliant on your local knowledge.

What is involved, with the commission service?

Read the miniature painting service explained guide and it will give you a full break down of what is involved. We try and guide you through as best as possible.

Is it just Warhammer models you paint?

No! We paint any type of miniature model, it’s mainly Warhammer, but we’ve worked on, DnD, Malifaux, Infinity, Batman, etc..

Can you just build + clean my models without painting them?

Yes! We bespoke the service to suit you. We can build if you like without painting anything.

Can I send Pre-Built Models?

We will accept any models. However, there are conditions:

  • ALL resin or metal models will have a cleaning charge as default. Resin is a difficult material to paint on when not conditioned correctly.
  • We insist your models are built and cleaned well.. We will have to unfortunately either refuse the models or charge for clean/fix. We don’t want to, but we want you to have nice models and we don’t want you to have wasted delivery charges.

Can I mix and match painting standards?

Yes! We actually prefer you to. If you have an army painted through us we don’t want to you putting detail standard on all the basic marines, unless you really want to display those pieces. We can, but we prefer to recommend the optimal costing/look per order.

How do I pay for the commission?

Half up front and the other half on the completion of the models. You pay for delivery back and forth, however we’ve found ordering new models to us works better and more cost efficient.

What are the payment methods?

Paypal only as we prefer Paypal for your protection. When using Paypal there is a charge per invoice and two invoices are generated: one pre-commission and one post commission. The quote we give you automatically includes the paypal costs that are incurred for invoice generation!