BASIC Standard

Standard: Basic

It might be called basic, but this standard offers a very good table top paint job that will look great on the table top. Used by tournament players, game enthusiasts and people wanting a good paint job at a budget.

ultramarine primaris marine - basic

  • Multiple colour range used to give a uniformed look
  • Shade or Highlight used depending on the colour. To add to depth and character
  • Included Free: Lens/Eye colour, Textured Base

We normally limit the colour palette to four main colours, and a shade or highlight, but we are flexible for the sake of a good scheme. The shade or highlight is chosen based on what base colour is used. You can’t really shade black armour on a base, so we will highlight the colour.

For example we would paint an Warhammer Ultramarine model in blue, red trim, grey under-suit and bolter casing in white; however, we would paint the bolter mechanism in a metallic colour as well; so the system is fairly flexible.

If you are looking to get troops on the tabletop.. this is the standard for you!

Flesh Tearers Primaris Marines