Miniature Painting Lessons

Get Miniature Painting Lessons to improve your own miniatures!

Not only do we paint miniatures for people, we also offer miniature painting lessons to help people improve their own. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been painting for a while and just want to improve a technique, we can help.

Painting lessons are on a 1 to 1 basis via streaming/skype facility.

How Do I Get Miniature Painting Lessons?

You basically fill in the form at the bottom. We offer 1 to 1 sessions that are completed through 1 hour increments. Time of lessons will depend on the requirement.

  • All lessons are by Ade, the main FP Paints commission artist and Golden Demon standard painter.
  • You need to supply us with your requirement for the lesson (e.g.. Beginner lesson, certain technique, monthly lessons).
  • You need to supply us with good days/times for a lesson (time zone also needed).
  • Lessons are in English only and we require you to have a stable internet connection and ability to have a two way video communication.

Lesson Price

A 1 hour lesson is £35, and 2 hour is £70. Anything above that is a bespoke price arranged through email.

  • We also offer weekly lessons if you are looking to build up your skills
  • Monthly lessons are also available if weekly is too much.

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