Miniature Painting Service UK

We are a miniature painting service, UK team. Our aim is to give you the best built and painted miniatures based on your budget.

Miniature Painting Service UK

We offer our service worldwide, but a big part of our customer base is here in the UK. From building/cleaning, to detailed paint work for your favourite miniature to be displayed.

A whole range of people use our services. Plenty that are new to miniatures that just want to play the game, tournament players that need a quick basic standard and a lot that just want nice looking models.

Painting Options

You can now view price lists for the following standards:

You simply choose a painting option for your miniature/s and if additional options are required we can cost those appropriately. See detailed for additional options.

Miniature Painting Service UK Pricing and Delivery

Pricing is handled per model and dependant on the options you take. We calculate on a per hour cost for bespoke requirements.

Delivery costs for the miniatures painting service UK is your responsibility. We can organise it, but you must pay the send and return of the miniatures. We advise tracking and insurance, but we leave it with you. Please read the miniature painting service explainer page for more details.

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