Miniature Painting Service Explained

No time to paint? Prefer to just play? Need a miniature painting service to get ready for tournaments? Want magnetising work done? Weathering? Want your miniatures painted by a Golden Demon winning painter? Well get in contact, as we can help!

The Miniature Painting Service Process

Finding the right painting service can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time using one. However, as a miniature painting service that takes on a lot of ‘first timers’ we’d like to give you a break down of what we do and how we do it, as we find it helps:

1. The Brief

  • List the models you want us to paint
  • Do they need purchasing?
  • Do they need assembly?
  • What’s the budget? We can recommend one of our services and then cost it appropriately for your need.
  • Is there a deadline?
  • How would you like them painted? Give specifics and examples.
  • We like to talk over email to make sure it’s right for you and us, so be prepared for emails galore 😛

Your models are IMPORTANT and we want you to have them as you require. We work to your budget and to your bespoke specification.

Building/Purchasing Models

The build of models has a separate pricing. We will inform you of this prior to you taking the build service. If you want us to purchase models then we will need a full down payment on those models before we can purchase anything.

2. The Deposit

  • We’ll give you a time frame and how long the full service is likely to take.
  • You will then make 50% deposit of the full cost (minus shipping costs). This is non refundable and protects you and us from time wasting.
  • You’ll get the delivery address on the deposit.
  • We advise sending your models asap so we can work to the time frame stated. We will let you know when we have received and started them.

3. Making Your Models Great

  • Get your models over to us, or if we are ordering them, leave it with us. Read shipping below!
  • We will give you a weekly progress report at least. We are passionate and want to get it right so you may get more updates!
  • IF you send pre-built models, make sure they are cleaned and mould lines removed. If mould lines exist or cleaning needs to happen there will be a separate charge or not painted (it will be discussed with you). We want your models to look nice, not have craters or big lines down them!
  • If models have broken pieces, be honest with us up front and we can see what we can do. You don’t want to ship the models and have them rejected.


We apply a sand base to the miniatures unless specifically mentioned, as extra material may be added to the total costing. We can discuss your request as everyone is different.

4. Completion

  • When we are happy with your model we will send completed photos to you.
  • Once you have accepted the work carried out, the full remaining payment is required (this includes the shipping cost back if we are sending).
  • Once the full payment is confirmed we will send the models back.
  • Failure to pay after 4 weeks of the final payment request; unless a good reason is given, will default the miniatures to become our property.


  • Shipping to and from us is YOUR cost. Either you arrange or we can.
  • MAKE SURE you send anything via a tracked service. We also advise they are insured as we are not responsible for shipping problems.
  • Make sure you package them well. We are not responsible for damaged models.
  • We are not responsible for additional costs like import tax.


Paypal only, as we prefer Paypal for your protection. When using Paypal there is a charge per invoice and two invoices are generated: one pre-commission and one post commission. The quote we give you includes the paypal costs as default to cover paypal usage!

Popular Painting Services

Here is a list of popular painting services we regularly receive to help you see our experience:

  • Single HQ/Leader/Primarch models for display or to stand out on the table top.
  • A Start Collection set from Warhammer. (Great for the new player that wants a new army looking great)
  • Imperial Knights/LoW with all the trimmings and magnetising.
  • Vehicles with mud, grime and a great paint job to match.. And magnetising of those weapons!
  • Independent game models/squads (Batman or Malifaux, for example)
  • Building of models! Who requests that with no paint job? You’d be surprised.

Great Unclean One