The shipping service is part and parcel (no pun) of our main services. You have to get them back, don’t you? But in all seriousness we want you to get your miniatures back in one piece, as we just spent a lot of time on them and you want what you paid for.

We want to assure you that we pack the miniatures as best as we can when sending them back. It doesn’t matter if it’s down the road or international, they are packed the same way. We’ve sent successfully across the world, with no issues at all.

However, a few things to remember with shipping:

  • Shipping to and from us is YOUR cost. Either you arrange it or we can. (Cost effective way with new models is order them to us or we order them for you)
  • MAKE SURE you send anything via a tracked service. We also advise they are insured, as we are not responsible for shipping problems.
  • Make sure you package them well if sending to us. We are not responsible for damaged models.
  • We are not responsible for additional costs like import tax. So please double check any extra costs you may encounter, especially if international to the U.K