Miniature Paint Service Testimonials

Here is what others have to say about the work we’ve done:

“I’m very pleased with the models, and all aspects of the service from the setting out of the schedule to the progress updates. I think you’ve done a great job, especially with the skin tones.”

Haydn, Blood Bowl – Elf & Dwarf Teams

“Thanks! Great work on the paint job and the building and sourcing of the models”

“Smashing Job on the models. Smooth transactions and clear communication”

Rickie B

“Frag & Plasma have done an amazing job on these miniatures, absolutely love them”

“Looks absolutely brilliant , really happy how these guys turned out”

Rich, Geeks Wargaming

“Amazingly magnetized Ork Battlewagons, Warbuggies, and Wartrakks”

“The painting job on them is amazing”